Mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlað.

The Story of Chalk


Background and History

From the time of Roman Britain’s final departure some 400 years past Christ’s passage, to the early decades of the 21st Century, a journey herein unravels with intense truths. During the lost years, England the land of dreams and destiny became a nation birthed from Saxon blood. For they who carved its bones came from the very fields of chalk that held their heavy arms. Men of courage as wide as the oak trees that feathered the plains of Wessex. Amongst the royal few, a man would be born to fight the Britons to the sea. Then after the battles to wilfully find stillness amongst the cloisters of a fine abbey. In all the centuries before and after, the lives of endless generations rise and die in sequential waves. It is to this play set on a fine landscape stage, that an account promises to express the true nature of our created universe. The witness and protagonist possess a union that illuminates all that is perfect in this beautiful manifestation we call life. Against a backdrop of ancient landscapes and giant stones does this true account take place. A powerful place where an unending mystery has remained captive within the layers of chalk plains. But now contained in a single book, the unspoken words of destiny tell of real life journeys and the source from which all breathing men and living organisms emerge - to only joyfully return. 


The witness is the author and the author made of universal knowledge. Within the passages of a book will an account find the eyes to see and mind to express all that is divine among the green lands of England. The home of a boy to be King forever more and man of all the ages, who finds true stillness among the grains of chalk upon which he lives.