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The Story of Chalk


Book Synopsis


Wisdom Master - The Story of Chalk

The brain of modern man can but only collect and comprehend the mere memories of time. It is however the shear beauty held in minute granules of sand, mighty trees or the rich chalk of the Wiltshire Downs, that patiently holds the entire story. Wisdom Master -€“ The Story of Chalk is a true and accurate account, where the pure stillness of creation is the storyteller and moving spirit a protagonist of endless sequential lives. 

The story of chalk glides rapidly as a fast moving river through the ages. From the early days of Saxon England to the early decades of the 21st Century. It completes a visual view of astounding cosmic simplicity, where the Wisdom Master of everlasting generations to whom Chalk is witness, passes over the land in colourful octave waves.

At the end of an avenue resides the extraordinary secret that will change the understanding of man's science forever. For in these final moments, the material world will finally be realized as an effect of illusion - and the cause will for todays science, be a resting place for the approaching dawn of a new era.

True Account - Book of History - Academic Reference

ISBN 978-1-5136-1488-5 (pbk.)