Mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlað.

The Story of Chalk




After barely surviving a personally challenging five year period between 2009 and 2014, resulting in complete heart failure, relentless and unimaginable remedial procedures through the end of 2015, a return home to chalk roots from where all eternal life exists, has resulted in a historical record unparalleled in modern literature.

The emergence of an Old English Wisdom Staerwritere, provides an historical timeline in readiness for, and before the eventual final journey home, to fields of endless peace.

Among incredulous beauty of Wiltshire's Downs and the real Stonehenge (superhenge) City, does this true and accurate course of events take place.

Through the writing of these words armed with their shocking clarity, will the minds of men become accustomed to the primary fact of universal life - that mind is crystalline and forever a living and excited consciousness.

Now with lives unending and all of the personal mountains traversed, a journey longer than any could wish for has now arrived - life transcending in the folds of this book and its breathing leaves.